The partypeople - or not!

No, I wouldnt say that we were partypeople during the trip to Nessebar. Angelica was pregnant and half way through our trip she fell ill. Just a cold, but still. She was obviouly contagious, cuz just a few days later we were all sick. The boys and I managed to keep it in check, but by the last days we were all pretty runned downand it stuck with us for a week and a half.

The glamorous life huh?
So we spent quite a few of our nights just chilling at either the top of the hotel looking at the view of old town Nessebar, or at the terrace of the room playing cards and just having a slow night. Dont get me wrong, we had a great trip, but it would have been even better if we would have felt better.

Getting sick while on a trip, thats the worst!
Have you ever been sick whilst on a vacation? And if so, how did you manage?


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Annalisa Fran
Annalisa Fran,
You went on such amazing trips in 2019! Definitely copying your Bulgaria itinerary!
Falling ill or feeling sick during travel time is really the worst thing to happen. I love the picture of the two drinks with straws! Very inviting! 😊
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