The scottish whiskey experience

No, I'm not a big fan of whiskey, but when you bring the whiskey-loving husband to Edinburgh, there's bound to be whiskey. And to be fair, its not just quite right beeing in Scotland and not going on a whiskey tour is there?

So we ended up at the Scottish whiskey experience, located just before the Edinburgh Castle, in the old town. Beautiful building. You start out with a digital tour, sitting in a small whiskey barrel, where you get some information on how the scots make whiskey. Then there's a tour guide/storyteller and a movie showing on all of the different districts in Scotland, like Highland, Speyside Islands, Lowlands, Campbeltown, and Isla.

After the tour, you get to see their collection of whiskey. The husband was in heaven. Would you relive me if I said that they have more than 400 whiskey bottles?

And then it was time for the actual tasting... if I remember correctly we took the Golden tour, which included tasting four single malts.

But as I said, I'm not really a whiskey drinker, not even if I'm one dram short of a bottle laddie. But the tour was really great, and as the tasting began at the end of the tour, I really enjoyed it. I couldn't quite manage to down a tray of five different whiskeys, but I tasted all of them. And the view from the bar area is quite spectacular, you can see a great big deal of Edinburgh from up there.

As you're finished with your whiskey and are about to exit the building you walk through a big shop, with all whiskey of course. Needless to say that it took me quite a while to get the husband out of there, right?

How bout you, do you like whiskey?

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I am not whiskey fan at all but this tour looks fascinating anyway. It seems to be a nice way to learn about whiskey production and history. Gorgeous photos.
My husband and i love whiskey, so this would be the perfect tour for us! Will definitely do this when we get to Scotland.
Oh you should Wendy, it was great! And if you are into Gin you should try a gin-tastings aswell, it was an amazing experience 😊
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