Torö Stenstrand

Its not that I havent been to Torö Stenstrand before, I have been a few times, its just that I havent really noticed the beauty. I dont know why really, when you think of it, its kind of silly. Its a hidden gem, hiding in plain sight.

This amazing beach is located about 30 minutes from where I live and during the summertime it feels like you're abroad when your at this beach. Its always quite windy here, but thats kind of nice. To get there, you'll catch the train from Stockholm to Nynäshamn, and then go by bus. Be aware though, the busses only leave every two hours, so make sure you keep track of time.

I was actually out at the beach on a photoshoot with an amazingly beautiful and talented model, but ofcourse I couldnt help taking a few images of the surroundings aswell.


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Ja det är superfint, och så rogivande att vara där ute en hel dag 😊