Yeah yeah we have all done it, strolled around the most expensive parts of town, looking into the windows of the haute couture boutiques. Dreaming and wishing we could afford that exquisite itemn that comes in the most luxurious packaging.

As I have stated before, me and Angelica arent working as travelbloggers, we're just doing this for the fun of it. Or for the love of travelling to far away places, all the time. Anyways, what might seem like an expensive trip to one person might not seem that way to another, I am aware of that fact. My McDreamy of travels are most certainly places that a few of you have already been to, or several of you.

This is Anns choice:
Lately I have been reading some new travelblogs and getting a big doze of inspiration for places I have never even thought about visiting. India, is one of those places, and Jaipur is quite high on my list of places in India to visit for obvious reasons. I would love to see the Diwali festival of lights and fireworks and I would like to see the steps of Chand Baori. But I would also like to see the blue city of Jodhpur and Bundi. I would say that I would like to visit several parts of Rajasthan.
It may not be the most expensive trip, but its a long way from home and once youy're there you cant just stay for a weekend, I would say atleast a few weeks. By now Jacobs is raising his eyebrows. So that means time off from work, flights hotels... its not the cheapest trip either. But dreamwise, its way up there.

And here's Angelicas choice:
A caribbean island and not a big island, but a small secluded one, so far off that you have to go there by a small propeller driven auroplane. I just want to stay there for a few days, doing nothing but enjoy the enviroment, sipping a drink, maybe doing some snorkeling trying not to be eaten by sharks in the waters or iguanas on land. But then again, Lee is always the first one in the water, so the sharks will see him first. I am just saying.

So friends, if you could talk some sence into St Nikolaus, where would you go - if you could freely choose the trip of your lifetime, without thinking of money or other obstacles?
//A & A

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